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Sourdough Starter


Flour Type: Yeast Type:

Cooking Time(H:MM) 2:00 Remark
Step 1 Water
(room temperature)
(360ml,1 ½ cup)
Room Temperature: 68°F to 77°F (20°C to 25°C)
Step 2 All Purpose Flour
(uniformly cover liquids)
(1 ½ cup)
Better Measure by grams. Refer to Tip #3 below.
Step 3 Instant Dry Yeast
(no contact with liquids)
1 ½ tsp
(approx 4.5g)
Make a small indentation on flour to hold yeast.

Useful Tips

1. The time can be adjusted in accordance with Room Temperature (increase the time if the Room Temperature is low).

2. If Active Dry Yeast is used, the amount of Active Dry Yeast should be increased by about 20% of the amount of Instant Dry Yeast in the recipe. For instance, 3g Instant Dry Yeast can be substituted with 3.6g Active Dry Yeast.

3. It's recommended to measure yeast by teaspoons and confirm by grams; measure flour by grams instead of by cups. If measure flour by cups, please observe these FIVE precautions: (a) Use US Standard measuring cup or the provided cup (b) Don't use cup to scoop flour (c) Don't fill cup from flour sack (d) Use a big spoon to loosen flour well, scoop flour, then loosely fill the cup (e) Level off flour at the cup top using a dinner knife.