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Blueberry Jam

(Menu: JAM)

Cooking Time(H:MM) 1:20 Remark
Step 1 Blueberry 360g
Mash well using a potato masher.
Step 2 White Granulated Sugar 120g
(½ cup)
Don't substitute it with powdered sugar or other sugars.
Step 3 Lemon Juice 1 tsp

Useful Tips

1. It is easy and enjoyable to make jam in a bread maker. Fruits such as berries, tomatoes, peaches, mangos and apples are great for jam. Some people like to add less sugar than store-bought jams, as in our recipes above.

2. Follow the instructions in the Remark column to prepare the fruit ingredients.

3. Allow jam to cool about 1 hour before transferring into storage containers. Because homemade jam has no preservatives, it cannot be kept long. Therefore, our jam recipes usually don't produce large quantities of end products. If the jam is stored in a refrigerator, it will last up to one week.