KitchenArm Bread Map

Chili Jam

(Menu: JAM)

Cooking Time(H:MM) 1:20 Remark
Step 1 Red Bell Peppers 230g
(1 ¼ cup)
You can also use a food chopper to dice the peppers into small pieces. Please keep the pepper seeds but not the pepper cores.
Step 2 Green Bell Peppers 152g
(1 cup)
Step 3 Big Jalapeno Peppers 42g
Step 4 Potato Starch Solution 3 TBSP
(2 TBSP Water +1 TBSP Potato Starch)
Add 2 tablepoons of water into a cup first, and then add 1 tablepoon of potato starch; stir the liquid well using a spoon until the starch is fully dissolved.TBSP: tablespoon
Step 5 White Granulated Sugar 80g
(⅓ cup)
Don't substitute it with powdered sugaror other sugars.
Step 6 white vinegar 2 tsp

Useful Tips

1. Prepare the ingredients according to the instructions in the remarks column.

2. Allow jam to cool about 1 hour before transferring into storage containers. Because homemade jam has no preservatives, it can not be kept long. Therefore, our jam recipes usually don't produce large quantities of end products. You can store the jam in a refrigerator for a longer shelf life.


1. Wash all peppers and cut off stems.

2. Remove pepper cores from bell peppers (no need to remove seeds); dice bell peppers into 1/8 inch or 0.3cm pieces (cut enough to fill 2 1/4 cups worth). The chunks will stay that size even after running through the Jam cycle.

3. Protect your hands with rubber gloves while working with the jalapeno peppers. Remove pepper cores from the peppers and dice the peppers into 1/8 inch or 0.3cm pieces. Leave a certain amount of pepper seeds in the peppers according to your own taste.

4. Attach the kneading paddle onto the rotation shaft of the bread pan. Add the ingredients into the bread pan as the order specified in the above recipe.

5. Install the pan back onto the base of the oven chamber of the machine, select the JAM menu. Press the START button to let the machine do the rest.