KitchenArm Bread Map

Whole Wheat Banana Quick Bread


Loaf Size:

Cooking Time(H:MM) 1:42 Remark
Step 1 Egg 3 Large
(Net weight: 170g)
(a) Add some water or remove some egg liquid to reach the desired weight.
(b) Refrigerated eggs can be used directly.
Step 2 Mashed Unsalted Butter
(Not melted)
(a) Soften (NOT Melt) the butter: leave it in a warm area or heat it in microwave a little on low heat.
(b) Mash the softened butter with a spoon.
Step 3 White Granulated Sugar 78g
(⅓ cup)
Don't substitute it with powdered sugar or other sugars.
Step 4 Mashed Overripe Bananas 160g
(⅝ cup)
(a) Bananas should be very ripe or even overripe.
(b) Mash bananas with a bowl and a spoon.
Step 5 Salt
½ tsp
tsp: teaspoon.
Step 6 Whole Wheat Flour
(uniformly cover liquids)
(1 ⅝ cup)
Better Measure by grams.
Step 7 Baking Soda
(no contact with liquids)
½ tsp
tsp: teaspoon.
Step 8 Baking Powder
(no contact with liquids)
4 tsp
Evenly spread baking powder on the flour.

Useful Tips

1. For the QUICK BREAD menu (Menu #21), Loaf Size is set to 1.5LB, and Crust Color is set to MEDIUM. They don't need to be changed, due to the characteristics of the ingredients for quick breads.

2. Quick Bread is not sensitive to temperature. Refrigerated eggs can be used directly.

3. Delay Timer is NOT available for this menu to avoid eggs being spoiled.

4. It's recommended to measure baking powder and baking soda by teaspoons; measure flour by weight (grams) instead of by cups. If measure flour by cups, please observe these FIVE precautions: (a) Use US Standard measuring cup or the provided cup (b) Don't use cup to scoop flour (c) Don't fill cup from flour sack (d) Use a big spoon to loosen flour well, scoop flour, then loosely fill the cup (e) Level off flour at the cup top using a dinner knife.

5. Always use oven mittens when removing the bread pan from the machine or removing the loaf from the pan. Please take out the bread pan right after the baking is done but don't take out the loaf from the pan yet; let the loaf sit inside the pan for 15 minutes and then take it out. If the loaf is difficult to remove, use a thin nonabrasive silicone or plastic spatula to carefully go around the sides of the loaf until it comes out. If the kneading paddle comes out with the loaf, remove it using the provided paddle removal tool.

6. There is no need to slice the loaf until serving. Instead, when the loaf cools down completely, wrap it with aluminum foil and put it in the fridge. This will make the crust soft and the flavor stronger.

7. QUICK BREAD is not sensitive to environment, and can be prepared more reliably. If you follow the above recipe and instructions carefully, you should expect a satisfactory result. If you encounter any problems, contact KitchenArm customer service.